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20 Jan 2023

Our five natural senses actually cloak our real surroundings. When in meditation, let the sound and colour of reality manifest

21 Oct 2017

David is a 33-year-old tech writer from San Francisco. After having had a Near-Death Experience, he is starting to discover that there’s more to life than he could have ever imagined and is now doubting about everything he thought he knew. He stumbled upon various blogs and decided to write an article about NDE facts and curiosities. He invites all those who have had similar experiences to respond to this article via the comments box below. Near-Death Experiences: What People Report about what happens after you die Anywhere from four to 15 percent of people will have what is referred  [ Read More ]

27 Apr 2017

  If you were told that you possessed unlimited creative potential would you believe it? If you were told that you didn’t possess unlimited creative potential would you believe it? By considering these options you have (in most cases subconsciously) made the first step in understanding that not only do you have a choice but also to realise how creative you are. Without exception we are ALL EQUALLY creative. We simply don’t realise it. The key to help understand how you will progress and evolve lies in the measure that you believe. This is a universal statement that transcends all  [ Read More ]

5 Nov 2015

Those who watch and enjoy the TV show “Strictly come dancing” may be able to relate to this article. For someone with two left feet, couldn’t snap fingers to a funeral march and relates rhythm to some kind of seismic shift, I feel that I am hardly qualified to air my views on how we express ourselves via the melodic vibrations. However, as “vibration” is the key word, this gets me out of jail. Human expression is what makes us tick. It is the only means by which we can convey our inner feelings via our emotions and make communication  [ Read More ]

5 Oct 2015

If I could collect one tiny snippet of truth each time I heard the question: “Is there more to life than this?” then I would be a truly wise person indeed. It deserves a simple explanation now that we question our origin more than ever before. It seems that life is administered so unfairly whilst some folk cruise along with no problems and others ride the roller coaster. I don’t have the answer as to why there is so much diversity between our lives. Neither does anyone else for that matter, although some may think that they do on account  [ Read More ]

3 Dec 2014

A SHORT STORY FOR BEDTIME “Leave me alone! Stop this please! What do you want of me? Why are you doing this?” She sat up abruptly, no longer finding solace in sleep that would take her from this world of tortured thoughts. Peter looked at her, his sleep also being broken by Elizabeth’s outbursts that were becoming more regular and unbearable for both of them. “Bear with it darling”, he said as he took her hand, gazing at the tears as they coalesced with beads of perspiration, cascading down the shallow facial contours to the tip of her chin. Only  [ Read More ]

26 Mar 2014

CHOICES, CHANCES, CHANGES “You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.” These are The 3 C’s of Life that many folk are familiar with. It is a logical progression in order to facilitate change. After all “change is the only constant in the Universe.” Now who said that? Actually a few like-minded folk have created this phrase. However, what if there is another set of The 3 C’s of Life that are equally as profound which could possibly explain the natural law of Cause and Effect from our human perspective? . My version  [ Read More ]

21 Feb 2013

We are slowly moving into a period of great change — a time of fluidity. The majority of us don’t realise, have no awareness, of this change but it is happening. There will be a shift in consciousness from “matter-based thought to a perception of the finer values.” These are the words and thoughts of Joseph, an old soul, who has decided to be amongst us in order to reach us and encourage us to help speed up this inevitable process. I invite each and everyone of you to consider the option that is proffered by Joseph on the basis that  [ Read More ]

30 Sep 2012

Debra Oakland is a Courage Advocate, writer and “Joy-Full Experiencer.” Debra became a Courage Advocate through the loss of so many family members over a six year period. Debra lost her 21-year-old son Wade, her unborn baby girl in the eighth month of pregnancy, both brothers to AIDS, and her father to prostate cancer. The loss of other  friends occurred during this time as well. She could have given up, but instead she asked herself what each of them would have wanted for her. She knew deep in her heart the answer was to live a life of courage, to  [ Read More ]

20 Jul 2012

Elfreda Pretorius is a public keynote speaker, a life skills coach, a psychotherapist, and an absolute expert in the matters of self-awareness, Universal Law, Energy Principles and in working with her clients to show them how to live their greatest and most authentic lives. “Breaking the spell of the Matrix” is her interpretation on life — how it’s dished out to us and what we do with it. Breaking the spell of the Matrix Taking human form is not for the fainthearted. The smorgasbord of challenges and problems Life serves up through the years on Planet Earth – quite frankly, is quite  [ Read More ]