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3 Apr 2012

“Life is existence and is eternal because the primary nature of existence — by definition — is to exist. Therefore, life and consciousness are infinite and eternal, and only ever change form or constitution but never cease.” ~ William Brown, MSc —  http://williambrownscienceoflife.com WILL THIS STORY FLY IN THE FACE OF ORTHODOX RELIGION? This is an overview of The Meadow novel. It is a blockbuster story blowing the lid off orthodox beliefs. Threatening the end of dogma, it challenges the ancient stranglehold of fear and intimidation. Fate and destiny no longer hang in the balance! How is it that from across an ocean, two  [ Read More ]

2 Apr 2012

Staying with my philosophy that everything I post is meant to be shared, find below a short script for meditation that I wrote about ten years ago. Feel free to use this either in its existing format or change it any way that suits your requirements. All you need to add is some suitable relaxing music and a creative mental environment for this type of meditation. Such activity is now becoming commonplace where meditations can take place with small groups in the home or even the office during breaks. Gone are the days when you are required to attend workshops  [ Read More ]