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Because we exist in a world that is set to negative it has to be assumed that any change in the status quo (either suddenly or covertly) is viewed according...

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“Cancer is so difficult to cure because it is so profitable to treat”

Walter Last (pictured) is a retired biochemist and passionately believes that the way to treat our health condition is by the natural way. His article below spells out a few...

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The Expression of Dance

Those who watch and enjoy the TV show “Strictly come dancing” may be able to relate to this article. For someone with two left feet, couldn’t snap fingers to a...

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The Illusion of Death

If I could collect one tiny snippet of truth each time I heard the question: “Is there more to life than this?” then I would be a truly wise person...

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AN ANGEL IN THE MAKING — by Jasper T. Nicoli

A SHORT STORY FOR BEDTIME “Leave me alone! Stop this please! What do you want of me? Why are you doing this?” She sat up abruptly, no longer finding solace...

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The Tarzan Swing

Understanding WHAT you are could take a lifetime. Understanding WHO you are will take an eternity ~ Jasper T. Nicoli


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Perhaps you came across this page purely by chance. Or maybe you were Googling for a certain subject or topic and the search engines just dragged you in. Regardless, it’s good to see you.

We hope that you will find something of interest as there is no specific agenda here. Mike’s idea is to create as many topical permutations as possible based on the theme of life and hopefully some of it will stick.

Feel free to make a comment on any of the blogs or in the Contact page, but try to be nice about it even if you don’t agree with the content. After all, we can’t all be singing from the same hymn sheet. What a boring old world it would be if that was the case.

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Life is a circle. No matter how long it takes, eventually we'll end up back where we started. What better way to illustrate this than with some fun animation. "The tunnel of life." Mike enjoyed himself contributing to this and thanks his friends for all the help


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World news reaches everyone via the BBC World Servce

World news reaches everyone via the BBC World Servce

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Do you like to interact and share your views with others, in turn responding thus contributing to a healthy and progressive way of helping to bring knowledge and understanding to others?

If so, why not take a look at some of Mike's blogs and see if you can contribute to some of his posts or even sharing blogs with him.

He is already doing this with some people who understand that they have a responsibility to themselves and others by trying to elevate our consciousness.

See the External Links page which demonstrates this.

This world will be a better place if only we talk with each other.


So what's it all about?

It’s all about a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

It’s not about trying on the hard sell or even showing you how to make money.

There are plenty of bloggers out there who can do just that with great verve and tenacity.

On the contrary it’s about sharing—period.

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I'd be very impressed if anyone can come up with the name of the artist of this painting.

If this person's application to the art academy had been successful, the world would be a completely different place today.

Unbelievable, but oh so true!

*See the answer at the foot of The Meadow page.



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