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Mike O'Hare
January - 6 - 2019 | 0 Comment

Buddy is a gorgeous two-year-old tom cat. We arranged to take him home from the RSPCA Centre at Felledge one week before Christmas. The idea was to integrate him (slowly, over time) with our resident cat, Paco.

Everything was fine when we got him home. We decided to section off part of the house so as not to stress either cat by any close encounter. Buddy obviously liked his surroundings immediately. He wasn’t happy being cooped up in one room so after three days we let him into the rest of the sectioned-off house. He absolutely loved it and began to immediately explore and play, as you would expect from a happy young cat.

Buddy has been neutered so instead of going round each available room spraying his usual smelly ‘marker’, he simply brushed his cheeks against anything that he could find. This was his new way of marking out his territory.

He loves people of all ages – from the very young to the not so young. Our grandchildren could play with him and he loved every minute of it. He is so unbelievably tactile. Show him any interest and a welcome lap and he’ll take to you instantly. He is what we describe as the ultimate time waster, in the nicest possible way, of course.

Buddy ticks all the boxes bar one – he has to be king pin. It’s very difficult to keep a house sectioned off especially when he sits next to the door where he can hear Paco. Under strict control we introduced them to each other which was quite alarming. This happened three times before he managed to slip through the ‘net’ when the door was opened and flung himself at Paco. Suffice to say that it wasn’t a pretty sight. There were two more occasions which need no explanation. Buddy is a very large cat and he knows it.

Now Paco is so terrified that he has resorted to his garage ‘bedroom’ and has shunned our affections. That is heart-breaking for us. It’s not Buddy’s fault. He simply will not tolerate another strange cat in the house. We had to experience this to realise that he couldn’t stay with us. Reluctantly, we have had to return him to the RSPCA who have kindly offered to take him back until a suitable home can be found for him.

The most suitable home that we can suggest for Buddy’s welfare is to live with someone who spends quite a bit of time at home. He likes full access to the house and we are sure he would appreciate a facility that is provided whereby he can safely come and go outside as well. However, another cat, resident or not, is not advisable. We can’t vouch for a friendly dog because we have had no experience of how he would react.

Buddy will offer company, comfort and pleasure to anyone who will love him enough. We can vouch for that so contact us by email at themeadowblog@gmail.com if you would like any further information. We would like to hear about his progress. He deserves the best.

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