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Those who watch and enjoy the TV show “Strictly come dancing” may be able to relate to this article.

dance image 5For someone with two left feet, couldn’t snap fingers to a funeral march and relates rhythm to some kind of seismic shift, I feel that I am hardly qualified to air my views on how we express ourselves via the melodic vibrations. However, as “vibration” is the key word, this gets me out of jail.

Human expression is what makes us tick. It is the only means by which we can convey our inner feelings via our emotions and make communication “indigenous” within our species. Nature has gifted five physical senses that enable us to experience life on a relative and polarised scale. This is not only a wonderful gift but also a blessing. 

There are countless ways by which we are able to express ourselves. The most common is by verbalising our thoughts. However, unless we allow our emotions to act as the catalyst, what we say may never be totally understood. Faith and belief in what we are saying always help to convey our thoughts in a more positive way.

From the moment a thought is created within us, we have to rely on our expressive ability to convey it. Once our emotions are brought into action, coupled with faith in our ability to administer, our biology kicks in and engages every nerve and muscle to make this manifest. This is what we call body language.

Of course, verbalising is only one of many ways by which we are able to express ourselves. As you read this article, you will realise that I am sharing my thoughts via the expressive art of writing. I am one of those people who can express myself via the written word far better than I could ever do by trying to verbalise the manifestations of my thoughts. Many times I wish that I could express myself in an oratory fashion.

The spectrum of expressiveness is vast and we can’t all be blessed with every means of reaching others and so we have to rely on the skills that we have developed over the course of our lives. No two people are identical in the way that they can administer the thought process to the outside world and is the reason for it being so diverse and rich in culture and societal differences.

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Usually, how we develop the means to communicate happens at a lower or sub-conscious level. The skills we use to communicate and convey our inner thoughts creep up on us and grow and mature as we live out our earthly lives. There are experts such as psychiatrists, psychologists and philosophers who are able to read us and tell us things about our personalities and characters. These people are the observers of life who, if we make the effort, can help us to understand the complexity of our nature.

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However, complexity is not what this article is about, as I am trying to convey to you how simple it is to reveal our true selves without uttering a word. The expression of dance can use methods where there are no words to substitute. Each and every one of us, without exception, is a dancer. Every nuance, every muscle flexion, every nerve action – even the blinking of the eye – is conveying some kind of message that describes how we try to reach out to others. The irony is that we usually do it at a subconscious level.

What makes us such exceptional creatures is the way that we release this inner rhythm. Like the iceberg that floats in the ocean, we are only able to exercise it proportionate to our physical ability. The rest is reliant on our mental, spiritual and expressive power, which harbours 90 percent of the remainder. Let me give you an example.

hYou’re listening to some really upbeat music. Under the right circumstances, you would love to be able to get up and just “swing” away. However, even before this happens, some part of your physiology has latched on to the rhythm – your fingers and your feet. You are in a position where you can keep pace with the “beat” by utilising these marvellous “utensils”. Engaging your whole body can never compete with the way that your fingers can help to discharge that inner energy just waiting to be released on the vibration of rhythm.

We never think that mathematics plays such an important part in our lives and yet every move that we make has a mathematical formula behind it. Believe it or not, we are always counting, always calculating, usually at a lower subconscious level. No matter what we do in our lives, our minds are using the laws of process and elimination to enable us to manifest the outcome that our conscious desires have planned out for us.

Rhythm is not something that we pick up as we go along our merry way on life’s rich highway. On the contrary, it is something that evolves deep within us, so deep that it is not just a part of our conscious thought processes, but a part of our persona – our very being. Rhythm is vibration and vibration is what puts together the resonating energies that create what we are as human beings. Rhythm is us and we are rhythm, and this interconnection means that we cannot be separated.

When we communicate, at whatever level, we are releasing our inner rhythm in a fashion that conveys a message. Whether it is by speech, writing, subtle body language, mind expression, simple eye contact or dance, it is bringing to the outside world that part of us that we choose to be made manifest.

For every rhythm beat that we can physically express, there are possibly a thousand hidden ones. I wonder how many of us have hit the dance floor and have been unable to choreograph the beats that we feel deep inside. For every beat we release via our body expression, we are aware of many more. The rest is up to us by using whatever we have nurtured over the period of our lives.

Our desire, which is the precursor to the thought process, is carried on the rhythmic waves that are the gateway to physical expression. It is only our inhibitions that break down the natural order of balance. If only we could learn to ride on the inner vibrations deep within us and allow them to manifest in the material world. There would be no such thing as stress and our lives would change forever.

Until then, try bringing your subconscious thoughts to the surface. For those who drive, try to be aware of your whole journey and monitor every movement you make. You will be amazed at the amount of work it will take to record every physical and mental operation it has taken to get from A to B.

Believe it or not, it is the “autopilot” that takes over our daily functions and without it, we could not cope with the mental workload that our lives demand. This is just one example of how the inner mechanism of our being rides on the cosmic rhythm that allows us to express ourselves as no other species can.

Without dance, some of this rhythm would be locked away forever where our soul could never really express what we are.



Find my spirit – paint my soul ~ Jasper T. Nicoli

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"Like the title of the song “I’ve got the music in me”, there is so much rhythm harboured within our inner psyche that only the fittest can allow this to be made manifest on a physical level. It is difficult to keep completely still when listening to a piece of music that strikes some kind of personal chord. Somehow, part of our physiology kicks in and starts to surface in ways that allow us to convey a message of some sort to another. We are different; therefore no two people will manifest this outcome in the same way." dance image 6


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