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April - 27 - 2017 | 0 Comment


It is time to change the way that we think.

If you were told that you possessed unlimited creative potential would you believe it? If you were told that you didn’t possess unlimited creative potential would you believe it? By considering these options you have (in most cases subconsciously) made the first step in understanding that not only do you have a choice but also to realise how creative you are. Without exception we are ALL EQUALLY creative. We simply don’t realise it.

The key to help understand how you will progress and evolve lies in the measure that you believe. This is a universal statement that transcends all words and deeds. You cannot help but believe. Whether that is in a positive or negative way is something that requires discussion.

Everything that you do in life is somehow formed on a structure of belief. If you want to cross the road safely you look both ways and then you make a decision to take the first step towards reaching the other side of the road in the belief that it is safe to do so. Belief determines your next move. There is a natural law called the Law of Intention and once you facilitate that intention you do so based on the structure of your belief.

The world is the way it is, based on our communal current belief that is set to negative. When you say “I do not believe that I possess unlimited creative potential” what you are really saying is “I have just exercised my divine right to create but it has been done in a negative way.” The world then remains as it is because you believe it to be so.

This is a reference to the existing global consciousness of the Earth that we know today. If you truly believe that the world could be a better place then you put into action everything that lies within your creative power to make that happen. This involves many actions on your part and must, at some point, affect the consciousness of others. To change our world for the better is something that we must do TOGETHER. But first we must believe that it can manifest by realising our creative potential which is unlimited.

To delve deeper into this subject entails a lot of heart searching which justifies another article in order to help bring greater clarity. Suffice to emphasise this for the time being: It makes no sense for the world to be in such a dire situation if it wasn’t for the way that our belief structure is set to negative. Why this has happened and how it can be turned around is a responsibility that we all must share. It is time to change the way that we think.


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The polarities in life determine our circumstances. Our actions in life manifest accordingly ~ Jasper T. Nicoli  


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