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Staying with my philosophy that everything I post is meant to be shared, find below a short script for meditation that I wrote about ten years ago. Feel free to use this either in its existing format or change it any way that suits your requirements. All you need to add is some suitable relaxing music and a creative mental environment for this type of meditation. Such activity is now becoming commonplace where meditations can take place with small groups in the home or even the office during breaks. Gone are the days when you are required to attend workshops and seminars where meditation can take place.

All I can say is that if meditation is on your ‘to do’ list then go for it. All I ask is that you let me know how you are getting on.



"The warm sun covers everything with an inviting glow"


Find a comfy chair. 

Now sit with both feet together and slightly apart and stay erect as possible, whilst still remaining relaxed with both hands resting on your thighs.

As you listen to the music, let your mind take you to the tropical scenes that you are about to see. This is another world – your world. 

Take three deep breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth. It is time to explore.

Try to put your thoughts to one side, as if to mentally put them in the filing cabinet, close the drawer, and leave them for when you return…

Script for Meditation 

You are on a tropical island.

The warm sun covers everything with an inviting glow.

The ocean is to your right. See how the waves surrender their energy to the sandy shore. 

There is a row of palm trees to your left.  Denser vegetation lies behind, in keeping for such an island, and this obscures your view beyond.

Your intended goal lies in that short, undiscovered stretch of shoreline ahead. But what is it that awaits you?

Feel the velvety sensation of the warm tropical wind on your skin.

Your whole body feels invigorated. You feel strong, yet very light as your toes grip through the dry white sand whilst you take each step forward.

Fix your mind on the narrow beach ahead of you, which has now become your pathway to an uplifting and exciting experience.

You’ve almost reached a turning point as the ocean is now ahead and to your right. It must be a corner of the island.

You will have to wait until you reach that position before you can discover what lies beyond.

There is excitement in the air. Can you feel it?

There are noises. They have suddenly appeared.

This is laughter and it’s coming from children. Can you hear it yet?

This must mean something on this small island.

Now you can hardly contain yourself when eventually you reach your first major turning point.

You haven’t looked to your left yet.

Before you do, two young children have just grasped each hand.

Where on earth did they come from?  It doesn’t matter, because as you turn and behold the view, you can see that the beach has now graduated into a smooth area of ascending rocks.

See how these rocks gather in clusters, becoming larger as they ascend; each having their own little rock pool.

In some of the smaller rock pools there are more children playing, but the majority are gathered at the pinnacle of these larger rock clusters.

You cannot see what lies beyond these larger rocks because you are gazing up from the shoreline.

However, what you can see are the children stood on the edge of these rocks.  Some are facing you, waving and beckoning you to come forward.  Others have their backs to you, oblivious to your presence, and it is these children who suddenly jump off and away from you to whatever lies beyond.

You have now had time to come to terms with your surroundings, and can now focus your attention on the two children you have encountered.

These are two of the most beautiful people you have ever seen, and you are filled with emotion that is proportionate to their almost heavenly presence.

Their features, although completely different to one another, are perfect in every detail.  One is blonde with deep blue eyes and a skin so fair.   The other has a skin of ember that is matched by its dark soft brown eyes.

They don’t have to utter a word for you to know that they are telling you to be guided by them to the large rock cluster where the other children stand and play.

The mixture of excitement and happiness now fills you with an emotion that you can only describe as a deep love for all things.  You are content and feel at one with everything and everyone that surrounds you.

As you begin to think what you will encounter at the top of the rock cluster, you are suddenly, but gently jolted by more unfamiliar sounds.  The first is a high pitched shrill and clacking sound, followed by a more human sound, slightly lower pitched than that of the children’s.

Are the mothers of the children here?  It would make sense, as they would need to be supervised.

All is revealed as you reach the top of the rock cluster, still holding the hands of the two children you first encountered.

What beholds your eyes personifies everlasting peace.  You are gazing into a large but shallow rock pool.  Within it are a dozen or so dolphins.

Interspersed with these beautiful creatures as they swim around, clacking and shrilling, are some of the children and women who you presume are mothers, or at the least, attending in a supervisory role.

Surprisingly, these women are unashamedly undressed for their watery encounter as their torsos bob and weave above the pool’s surface.

These ladies are as equally beautiful as the children, each one quite different to the other, who number up to the dolphins as if in pairs.

Suddenly an exuberant child chooses not leave go of one of the dolphins when in play and submerges.  Although not really in any danger, as a precaution, one of the ladies decides to rescue the child.

As she dives below the surface and her torso vanishes, her lower half becomes revealed.

Your breath is taken away as you discover that her legs don’t surface, but that of a fish’s tail.

For a split second, which seems to last a lifetime, you come to terms with the fact that you are in the presence of mermaids and dolphins.

You have found paradise.  Even better than that – you have found heaven on earth because this venture is no longer part of your imagination but a reality, which you have created.

It is no longer necessary to hold back the emotion that you feel.  Share your joy with all of these creatures.  Only then will you truly know that you are as much a part of this as each and every child, mermaid and dolphin.

You are here to be yourself and enjoy the experience, so allow the two children to guide you into the shallow water.  As they do so, you hold no fear – only that of love and compassion as you begin to laugh and play with your new-found brothers and sisters. 

This is now your world, so take the opportunity to be happy and be thankful for that which you have just created.

Now is the time to go into the silence for a while as you play before you decide it is time to leave this place of tranquility……………and peace.




It is now time to take your leave.  As you say your goodbyes, you must remain happy because this is your own real paradise.  It is real because you have created it.  Therefore, you know that you can return whenever you wish. 

The children, mermaids and dolphins will always be there for you and as you take your leave, still guided by the same two children, you turn for a final time. 

For a moment you embrace every thought from each and every one of these beautiful creatures as they tell you that they love you and that you must come back to them soon. 

You say your farewell to the two children as they leave you at the return corner of the island, still holding dear the memories with which you have been blessed. 

As you approach the point of the shoreline where you started, you begin to realize that you are back in your comfortable chair. 

You are also back with your friends with whom you can share your experience, because they, too, have had a similar one, creating their own reality. 

Perhaps you can take your friends back to your own heaven on earth some time.  Slowly realize where you are and begin to open your eyes in your own time.

I hope you have enjoyed your journey into paradise.


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  1. This Blog was most helpful, your ideas are straight to the point, and the colors are cool too.

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