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Elfreda Pretorius is a public keynote speaker, a life skills coach, a psychotherapist, and an absolute expert in the matters of self-awareness, Universal Law, Energy Principles and in working with her clients to show them how to live their greatest and most authentic lives. “Breaking the spell of the Matrix” is her interpretation on life — how it’s dished out to us and what we do with it.

Breaking the spell of the Matrix

Taking human form is not for the fainthearted. The smorgasbord of challenges and problems Life serves up through the years on Planet Earth – quite frankly, is quite formidable. Breaking the spell of the matrix is the name of the game. It will test the steel you are made of by making you walk through fire, not once, but countless times. Ultimately, when we’ve used up all the wiggle room in an effort to evade some of life’s most pressing questions, the day comes when we must decide one way or another how we got here and what, if anything, lies beyond this world.

What does this mean? It implies that somewhere along the journey we must discard victimhood and don the shimmering robe of a deity to feel how that feels. You think that weird – or perhaps sacrilegious? A statement like this is bound to shock, but it is only because we are conditioned to believe that there are boundaries between human beings and so-called gods. Yet, that is what breaking the spell of the Matrix all is about. The Matrix is in essence a massive, multi layered game of cosmic proportions. This particular matrix is designed to keep you small and feeling insignificant, so you will have neither time nor energy to go really deep. If you did – you might discover that godliness is not just bestowed on some whilst others are overlooked. Simply put, godliness is an innate aspect of human potential which unfolds by learning how to correct limiting thoughts. It is the steady identification and purging of destructive behaviour stemming from such negative thoughts, and refraining from that oh, so delicious habit of blaming others for our misfortunes. It is to understand that each of us is the centre of our own universe and what we generate in terms of vibration and frequency eventually translates into the circumstances of our lives. It is to know that thoughts, perception and mind construe our reality – and to figure out how to take control of it.

Earnest efforts to break the spell of the matrix will reveal some interesting things about the conditions under which the human being either grows, or stagnates. It will reveal that seeing through the illusion of our world is much harder than we may think. Breaking the spell of the matrix is about learning how to crack the codes that keep us on auto pilot. We are kept on auto pilot by the things we struggle with. If we do not resolve whatever we are struggling with, it implies no new energy is coming in and we are in a loop, meaning we repeat without learning. The premise of this particular “game” is that life is a struggle, and everything is geared towards prolonging that struggle: The economy, career issues, relationships and health. Most people struggle on some or all of these levels. That is because the consciousness of Earth is imbued with limitation – meaning it has a ‘ceiling.’

Breaking the spell of the Matrix requires that our consciousness move beyond this limitation. It is imperative to accomplish this at some stage, because it is what prepares us for mastery. Mastery, in turn, cannot be achieved unless we comprehend that Reality exists in vibrational layers, which is why we only see what we are immediately engaged in. To break the boundaries of this matrix we must understand that our immediate reality is the “explicit order” which came from an “implicit, but more infinite order.” The implicit order is the precursor of the explicit order – it means our outer world always corresponds to what we see internally, or that pictures of the mind are projected onto the canvas of your life. The implicit order implies that it contains within it all physical universes. The implicit order, in turn, vibrates from a field that is even greater – the realm of pure potential. It is pure potential because nothing is implied within it. Pure potential exists so we may create any experience we deem necessary. If it is struggle we want, we will have it. If it is mastery we are pursuing, it is equally available.

Strange as it may seem – the game of Life is not designed to have an outcome. It exists only to draw the player into playing it. The longer the game is played, the further the player is drawn into his own deception by believing it is all about his problems. On the other hand, achieving clarity and shifting one’s perspective to the science behind creation (vibrations, perception and mind) consciousness is immediately moved away from the limiting idea that this game of endless suffering is the only game.

Somewhere along the way whilst living inside the matrix, we inevitably discover that Organized Religion and New Age are integral, but cleverly designed layers to make the Game appear very real. In terms of control New Age is more complex than Organized Religion, but both are programmes that run in our subconscious minds – the seat of automatic mechanisms. Auto pilot is what keeps consciousness on the level of “drone” and tethered to 3D. Similarly, Fate and Destiny are also conditioned programmes that function in virtually all the cultures and religions of our world. On some level most people feel that meeting a special person, or fulfilling a specific task represents destiny, or is fate. Regardless of how it is perceived; it suggests helplessness regarding matters that appear to have a cosmic tinge. In reality, both concepts are extremely limiting, for gradual illumination reveals limitlessness to be real and attainable by those who are willing to do the work – to override the codes of repetition and struggle.

In breaking the spell of the matrix, one of the deepest layers to uncover is insight into the brilliance of reincarnation as a teaching. What to do with a mechanism which seems to put us indefinitely back on the hamster wheel of life?  I have a special interest in this matter because in 2009  I published a book in partnership with Mike O’Hare titled The Meadow which specifically explores the possibility of multiple existences. In the story the female protagonist figures out how to break the spell of the matrix. To the observant reader this suggests that continued existence beyond the level of this Game is part of our pathway through the stars, but that repeated returning to this level indicates that the spell had not been broken yet.

The brilliance of consciousness is that it is multi layered and that it shapes itself exactly in accordance to what we understand. In breaking the spell of the Matrix, gurus or teachers are redundant. Authentic spirituality is a deeply personal affair; it can never be collective, nor can it be taught. The fact that the Universe flickers in and out of existence and is influenced by the observer – us – is a characteristic of its phantom nature which leaves the door wide open to interpretation. Expanding consciousness asserts itself by altering our view of existence, and this is simply something that can or will never occur en mass. Humanity will not one day suddenly realize it has been barking up the wrong tree, turn on its heel and collectively move into another density. That is pure New Age nonsense. It is said that to truly know a thing, we need to become it, and herein the truth is concealed. This kind of knowing is set apart from ordinary knowledge in that it is a primary contact rather than a secondary informational object. It means we must “do it” instead of just read or talk about it.

Breaking the codes that keep us tethered to this dimension is a personal mission for all, whether you know that at this point or not. Self observation is a major clue to cracking the codes of limitation. Breaking free of the Matrix is the only true work the human being has to do, but it is attempted by few because it demands investigation into why the star of the show, you, appears so hollow and without substance.

Earth will exist into eternity in some form or another for there will always be souls who need this material experience. And that is all it is – just an experience. Knowing that adventures exist beyond this world is meaningless unless we know how to crack the code of struggle and survival, and that includes aging and death. The death cycle continues on relentlessly until we have developed sufficient knowledge and insight into breaking the spell of the Matrix.
Progressing from knowledge to application is where it is all at. We can literally accomplish anything we choose to if we understand how our brains are wired. Our brains are at all times plugged into every possibility that exists in this universe and others – however, we each have a filter that screens out everything that does not exist in our personal library of experience. This filter is what limits our perception, yet it is not cast in stone. Asking the right questions and researching the nature of being are catalysts to invite new information into our experience. On this score no-one can afford to be a spectator in life – participation is the only thing that provides us with the experience to move to the next level, for nothing is ever integrated without that. This is the real excitement and challenge of Earth – it truly is the gateway to extraordinary levels of creativity where struggle and survival no longer are programmed into the mainframe of our minds.

The ability to peer beyond the veil is what changes everything. We have to be vigilant about the intellect though, because it is a dangerous trap. Endless talk and theorizing will dim the light on the path that leads within. I’m pleased to say that the book we wrote on the topic of reincarnation is multi layered and that people get from it exactly what they need. It is my belief that those layers have been written in without the conscious knowledge of its creators, but that some cosmic mechanism felt by the authors, though not understood at the time, directed its unfoldment. If this book shines a light for those who feel the urge to pursue deeper knowledge, it might very well be the first step towards breaking the spell of the Matrix.  And that would be more than we could ask for.

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