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“You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.”

The Three Cs of LifeThese are The 3 C’s of Life that many folk are familiar with. It is a logical progression in order to facilitate change. After all “change is the only constant in the Universe.” Now who said that? Actually a few like-minded folk have created this phrase.

However, what if there is another set of The 3 C’s of Life that are equally as profound which could possibly explain the natural law of Cause and Effect from our human perspective?


My version to The 3 C’s of Life

Not only do I have my alternative version of The 3 C’s of Life but also they will help to identify your present position in life’s circle of events — a marker or reference point indicating where you have been and how you have reached where you are today. Have you ever wondered why you are reading this article?

Well, I’ll share that with you shortly, but let’s start by identifying my other version to The 3 C’s of Life. They are Catalysts, Circumstances and Consequences. Confused? You won’t be, so please read on as I reveal all.

An alternative to the well-known 3 C's of life

An alternative to the well-known 3 C’s of life

What I’m about to tell you is personal to me or, more importantly, my eldest son, because his experience is the example that I’m going to use. I would ask you to choose a time in your life and compare the chain of events alongside those of my son’s as I explain.  You will soon see how we all fit into the same pattern of progression. Is it all down to pre-destiny? Who knows, but this could be interesting.

Little did I know that watching Star Wars the movie would lead to the day when my son would marry.


The 3 C’s of life


The Catalyst

Star Wars logo

Star Wars logo

I took my son (Michael) to see one of the early Star Wars movies when he was around nine or ten years of age. Unbeknown to me at the time, he was greatly influenced by what he had seen and he turned to me as we were leaving the cinema and said: “Dad, I’m going to work in the movies one day.” Patronisingly and condescendingly, I replied: “Of course you are, son. Now let’s get home.”

He was true to his word. At secondary school he immersed himself into anything that allowed him to express himself — school drama and musicals come to mind, especially when he played the lead role in “Smike.” At Sixth Form (Further Education — FE) he took up drama and appeared in many plays. He even joined a choir, all the time striving forward with his aspirations at the back of his mind.


The Circumstances

The groundwork had been done. From that moment of decision, after watching Star Wars, the law of Cause and Effect began to take its course. The following events are all about the circumstances manifesting from that catalyst which happened so long ago.

After finishing Sixth Form and still very keen to realise his ambitions, Michael enrolled in Higher Education (HE) and became a student in Film and Video studies at a local college of art. He took to the course like a duck to water and after two years of study, he gained his HND (Higher National Diploma). This qualification was sufficient to secure him into the workplace in the UK, starting as a video editor with a local TV station.

What happened next I won’t refer to as a second catalyst as there can be only one to this story. Rather it is a major turn in the resulting circumstances which lead up to the present day.



As fate would have it, Michael became disillusioned with his role in TV. Perhaps a lot of it had to do with his colleagues who sometimes made his life more difficult than it should have been. He soon learned about a couple of colleagues who were planning to leave, and simply travel the world. Although not wishing to accompany them, nevertheless he liked the idea, and this soon blossomed into a full-blown plan to experience as much as he could regarding our planet and its inhabitants.

So without further ado, he offered his required resignation and used his savings to get a foothold on the travel ladder. From here on, and for around 18 months or so Michael would find work wherever he hung his hat in order to help sustain his existence and support his plans to move to the next the stage, country or continent.

He succeeded with great diligence and tenacity and reached home 18 months later a lot wiser and very tired. We’d like to think that that was the end of the matter and he would look for work locally and settle down, but, no. The last thing he could do was settle and his frustrations grew by the day. I tried to help as much as possible by offering work within my company but it was never going to be enough.

Then one day my then-writing partner, who was also a life coach, offered to help counsel him with a view to finding what he wanted in life. To cut a long story short he found employment as cabin crew with Emirates Airlines, which meant that he would still be travelling the world. He was happy.


The Consequences

“Your destination in life will always remain a mystery but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying the journey” ~ Jasper T. Nicoli

Having no idea where the future was heading, Michael decided to get on with it and see what the world would bring. After all, he was travelling the width and breadth of it every week. Strangely, it was those folk who were closest to him that would decide the outcome. Two good pals in the workplace suggested that the three of them should take some time out together for a few weeks and travel to Peru. Michael would never say no to another adventure, so off they went.

Their destination was Cusco and, as things often happen, their flight was delayed on-route at Lima Airport due to fog. Also travelling to Cusco, but on a different flight, was a young American lady. She too became delayed and fog-bound at Lima. Airport lounges are like elevators sometimes, when folk meet in a confined space. Allyson and Michael got chatting. Soon the fog cleared, and it was time to board their respective aircraft and head for Cusco. Was the brief encounter over?

Actually, this was only the beginning — the beginning of a true tale that movies are made of. The next day Michael and his two work pals were on a guided tour. It wasn’t long before another tour group merged with theirs and guess who was in that separate tour group? You guessed right! There they were, Michael and Allyson, staring at each other across some artefact that was being described by a guide.



They decided to sit together on the same tour bus just chatting and afterwards arranged for all four of them to meet up for a Guinea Pig and Wine session. Michael mentioned to me that the rest is history. However, it’s much more than that. This was the consequence, resulting from the catalyst, that happened many years before when he was only a young boy. Allyson will have her own version of events once she identifies that catalyst which pre-empted her activities leading to that fateful set of circumstances.



Wikipedia says: “Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events as meaningfully related, where they are unlikely to be causally related.” I will add to that and say that there is no such thing as coincidence. Everything has a reason and sheer luck, or whatever else simply does not enter the equation.

We are all connected — universally, atomically, molecularly and spiritually. To experience is the sole reason why we are here to (hopefully) enjoy what life has to offer. I think you’ll agree that Michael and Allyson are ‘victims’ and wonderful examples of our new set of The 3 C’s of Life.



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  1. Mike O'Hare says:

    Fantastic story my friend. Love it 🙂

  2. Jo Slater says:

    Totally en-grossed in the story – love happy endings

  3. Sylvia Clayton says:

    Loved this Mike, I do believe that life is a tale already written, we are just actors…..

  4. Kelly Winder says:

    What a lovely story!Listen to your intuition and you can’t go wrong. Like Michael did, when he didn’t really want to go travelling.

    • Mike O'Hare says:

      I think that’s the opposite, Kelly. He DID want to go travelling. Trouble was that he didn’t know when to stop.

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