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April - 13 - 2014 | 0 Comment

This is an article that I’ve lifted from the Internet. I thought it was worth more than just one look so here is my blog The best way to keep a fly away. Let’s make that ‘flies’ shall we lol.

Keep those pesky flies at bay

Nasty little critters that spread all kinds of disease


Summer is coming, and other than sunshine and heat it also brings droves of flies, one of the most annoying and harmful of insects. They lay eggs in food and spoil it as well as spreading disease . . . and did we mention annoying.

If you have problem at home or even on a nature walk, here is the best way to keep a fly away:

1. You’ll need:┬áPlastic bags, water and a few coins (the money won’t buy you a fly repellent, but will help you build one).

2. Fill the bag with water.

3. Place 4-6 coins in every bag.

4. Tie off the bag and hang it in an infested area.

Pennies from heaven -- in a water bag

Just a few pennies in water can appear to be a predator to a fly

Sounds like a lot of hocus pocus? Well, there is actually a fascinating scientific explanation to this method:

The millions of molecules in the water create a special prism effect, meaning they break the light in a very special way. When you add the coins, a cumulating effect of light being broken is randomly enhanced.

Flies have a very special way of seeing. Their eyes are made of thousands of identical lenses, meaning they see thousands of reflections of the same image.

For the fly, that simple bag of water looks like lots of disco balls reflecting light and movement in a way that causes them to be dizzy. Under such conditions, they end up being distracted all the time and feeling vulnerable to predators.

Flies serve as food for a number of other animals and flies who feel vulnerable won’t stick around because it feels too dangerous.

Not only does this method work inside and outside, it is also low-cost and harmless, unlike chemicals that can poison our food, air and water. It’s ironic how sometimes the best solutions are also the simplest ones!

Hanging water bags with coins outside

Just hang those bags where food is being served.

So when you’ve got that barbecue going in the back yard just hang out a few water bags with coins inside, especially where food is going to be served. This should help keep not only the common fly away but the mosquitoes, horseflies and maybe even the wasps. Go ahead and try it. You have absolutely nothing to lose. Even the coins can be reused so there are no losers apart from the flies.

The best way to keep a fly away — so simple, so effective, so practical.

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