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MIKE2You may be wondering why I am proposing to help our young people who are about to enter into the workplace and what it is that I’m prepared to offer. It’s all about key elements such as communication and interaction – something that is severely lacking with today’s youth.

More of us should be focussing our attention on these people who are about to embark on the most important journey of their lives before it’s not too late; sharing the ideals of caring and guidance that will eventually benefit all. Before and after eligibility into our educational system, parental care, interest and supervision are essential ingredients to help our young ones understand that they have a responsibility to themselves, their environment and to the society that sustains them. In most cases this nurturing isn’t happening so they fall at the final post when it comes to finding a niche in the workplace.

On that basis I’m prepared to be of assistance and help guide our children along the road less travelled. Now retired, I spent more than thirty years in a successful business environment which I created from scratch. I became a major broker in the printing world servicing accounts such as ICI, British Steel, NHS, and various national, regional and local Government bodies. I believe that gives me some authority to say that the young people out there can benefit from some of my experiences.


This is where I choose to concentrate on helping get those youngsters over the final hurdles of secondary and tertiary education into the workplace. It’s not that easy when you consider that in most cases they haven’t been given a clear idea of what is necessary for them to reach that stage. Business/Professional Studies may go so far in teaching the basic requirements for securing a place in society but it falls drastically short where life skills are concerned despite any academic achievements.

I began employing young people a long time ago; sometimes for the right reasons and, in my earlier years, for the wrong reasons. It didn’t take long to realise my mistakes. However, the number that I employed was way out of proportion to the number that I had to turn down. Even some of the most able and academically qualified youngsters had something missing. It was about not possessing a sense of personal responsibility.


Qualifying by diploma or degree is only half the battle. If academically talented and able youngsters do not have any idea of the responsibilities that are required of them, then they will NOT find work. I’ve seen it all, believe me. This is an area where I can help create awareness as to what to expect and consequently deal with it.

Here is an example in my business where youngsters were falling short of what was required when applying for a position in the workplace. I’ll start with those who were ably qualified according to their CV and made it to the interview but failed to convince me further because of the following points:

  • Obvious lack of interest.
  • No attempt was made to research my company.
  • No eye contact was offered at the introduction (you’ll be amazed at how far a direct smile can go).
  • No attempt to enter into dialogue other than answering “yes” or “no”.
  • Inappropriate dress. A suit (male and female) isn’t always necessary but attention to appearance is important.
  • Poor punctuality. Usually this is where dialogue comes alive with all the excuses in the world for being late.
  • No attempt to question the salary, health/safety and working conditions/practices.

I’ll leave it there as I’m sure you get the idea. As for those who applied where I turned down the application for an interview? It was based mainly on possessing a poor command of English in order to reach that situation.

Now let’s take a look at those youngsters (still ably qualified) who I employed where I soon realised that I had made a big mistake:

  • Failure to comprehend simple instructions.
  • General laziness.
  • Lack of communication (verbal and written).
  • Bad use of English (the CV is usually written with help at some quarter which can be a smoke screen on submission).
  • Poor application and understanding of basic maths.
  • Poor pronunciation. The inappropriate use of slang and bad language.
  • Unacceptable punctuality.
  • Dishonesty.
  • Unreliability.
  • Bad attitude.
  • Total disinterest.
  • In general – completely irresponsible.


We have to find that balance and as employers we live and learn . You may question on what authority I have to base my opinions regarding the youth of today. From 2011 to 2013 I immersed myself into a course at one of our local colleges. The biggest eye opener was not what I was gaining academically. On the contrary it was by being a student (albeit a mature one) witnessing many areas where offering help to get these youngsters into the workplace was lacking in delivery.

I’m not suggesting that I become the teacher/tutor, nor am I proposing to be part of a programme that has been vetted and introduced into the syllabus. My task is to offer support to that programme by way of sharing my views and experiences gained over a certain number of years that have proved to be successful during my efforts to find a place in society where I could flourish.

Every day I witness a lack of care and attention to duty and to the community in both sectors (public and private). I believe that this needs to be addressed and we can make a great start to achieve this by giving our young ones (our future industry) the consideration they deserve. The programmes are already in the syllabus. All I’m offering is a little shove in the right direction.

Our industry isn’t looking for the perfect applicant. It’s looking for the applicant who has the means and ability to perfect. In other words we evolve by improving as we progress but we must have the basic essentials in place in order to achieve this.

NEW BOOK COVER IMAGEMy time is occupied in different ways. Over the years I have used the written word, contributing to newspapers and magazines by way of expressing my views on the world. In 2005 I partnered with a Canadian author. Between us we produced a work of fiction that has now attracted the attention of a Hollywood media company. “The Meadow” has now had a screenplay written which we hope will be attractive to the various studios around the United States and beyond.

My proposal to help by going into the schools and colleges will not be disadvantaged by this venture. In time the profile I gain may allow certain cautious institutions to accept the services I’m offering for free and perhaps even allow me to share my experiences gained in the world of writing, publishing and, with luck, film making.

In short I’m here to help; to work alongside those who are employed by the Establishment. I have no other hidden agendas and my ego is well under control. And on that basis I remain your humble servant.

If you require any more information regarding my background, my philosophies and opinions on life in general then you can reach me through the following links.



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