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I suppose my family is not that much different to any other when it comes to living and eating in the kitchen. In fact we almost live in that place and it is the hub for everything that happens therein. I could even go so far to admit that if war was suddenly declared, we would probably all gather in the kitchen and stay there for the duration, knowing that we were practically self-sufficient.

Our weekly shopping list comprises of the usual groceries that get jotted down on a piece of paper and the ‘shopper of the week’ is despatched to do their duty. For last minute items which hadn’t got written down on the grocery list, there is a fail-safe system in place. We have a blackboard pinned on the wall which acts as a message-taker and for entering those forgotten items which could save our lives in the event of a full-scale war.

Each day, or every two days, the board is wiped clean with a wet sponge and then thoroughly cleaned down with a dry cloth to help eliminate previous messages and items that had been posted. The other day was quite different. It was the same routine—cleaning down and then drying. But then something very unusual happened. As the board began to dry and that matt appearance became visible on the blackboard, an image began to appear. It crept in slowly as if there was someone moving in behind a mirror to observe us. The blackboard virtually hangs over us as we eat at the table.

I have included a photograph of this and I can promise everyone that this has not been tampered with in any way. Of course, you will just have to take my word for this, but let me tell you that I have much better things to do than create some kind of false phenomenon that could tie up my valuable time. It is genuine and I thought it was worth the effort to share this with you all.

Obviously, no one can fully explain this and I’m not looking for answers which can only come from one’s own reality. However, I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts about this and maybe come up with some kind of credible reason why this could have happened. Just take a closer look at this image and see how graphically detailed it is. There is hair with a furrowed brow below, looking down onto black empty eye sockets. Then take a look at that aquiline nose and the characteristics centred on it.

I’m not usually phased by things like this, but when I see so much detail and the ‘staring look’ that is in the whole expression, then I have to ask myself was there a reason for this image appearing on a harmless blackboard, set in a kitchen which is part of a warm and loving home.


A ploughed field, similar to the one in Mike's blog


I had a dream about a year ago whereby I was in a ploughed field. Instead of turnips or potatoes waiting to be picked, I encountered human skulls with features and eye sockets resembling the image on the blackboard. As soon as I looked into one of the sockets in one of the skulls, a yellow eye suddenly opened and focussed heavily against my gaze. I remember quite distinctly feeling a sudden chill run through my whole body and then all the skulls turned toward me, displaying those yellow eyes.

After the initial shock, which I felt had been deliberate for me to experience this feeling, I gathered myself together and in that same instant I awoke from the dream. However, the images were still with me and I could actually feel them trying to gain entry into my consciousness, in my opinion, hoping to achieve the desired effect. I knew that I had to face these ‘demons’ and I did so with great vigour. I actually challenged them to a fight. Everything seemed to have frozen for a few seconds and then I repeated the challenge.

I don’t think that was expected and I could sense a great fusion of energy surging inside of me. I actually felt very superior to these creatures and when I realised that they had no answer to my challenge I told them where to go in no uncertain terms which can’t be repeated here. I could feel them fleeing and I knew that they would not return.

That was one amazing experience for me, one that I’ll never forget. I wonder whether those demons had sent a scout to see if things had changed or not. Well now they have found themselves on candid camera with a lot more kindly souls possibly being aware of what can happen in this strange and wonderful world. Or could that be another world or dimension?

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