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Mike O'Hare
June - 25 - 2012 | 2 Comments

The coming years are going to represent the biggest change and challenge to our lives; more than any other time in living or historic memory. 






The world of plenty is no more—in fact it never existed in the first place. It has and will always be a changing world. The ancient mindset of robbing Peter to pay Paul as a system for survival was just a clever piece of deviousness, invented to create the illusion that we could go on for ever with materialistic progress that could only ever prosper those who sought power. The Western world has been subjected to a form of control ever since the days of Emperor Constantine. It simply evolved to rear its ugly head in the late 19th/early 20th Century when the first of the private bankers saw profit in creating something out of nothing – see Death of the American Empire. Its implementation has been so subtle that only those with a greater sense of awareness and unwillingness to be hoodwinked have been able to see the truth around the myth that there is such a thing as a free lunch.

The power that lies behind each nation’s political and financial control has stretched the strings so tight, that they have now snapped. The bubble has burst and the autocratic dogma which belies each nation is left naked and impotent. Governments have to pick up the tab and try and resurrect a society that, for centuries, has relied on a system of currency exchange directly related to the workplace, our health, education and social infrastructure. It has taken the greed of a handful of individuals over millennia to awaken the sleeping giant—the populace—to finally take responsibility for itself. If we don’t, we perish.


How will you cope as you are forced to change your


The financial bubble is about to burst — big time

Corruption and exploitation has to be controlled. As long as apathy flourishes, there will always be those unscrupulous individuals who will prosper out of our misery, as has been happening for untold years. Soon, the currency with which we are so familiar will be totally worthless as a means of exchange. What will you do? How will you survive? Is what is happening right under your nose, not enough evidence to demonstrate that matters can not carry on in the way that we have been so used to? And most importantly how do we prevent the greedy amongst us from capitalizing from anything new that is put into place? Firstly, realise that this is a changing world.

If every saver in the world chose to cash in, there would be less than five per cent liquid funds to cover the claim. The mentality of using schemes that would allow the illusionary financial wheel of progress to continue was based on greed, and the idea of any chances that the whole infrastructure could collapse was something that was brushed under the carpet. Well, now the cleaners are in, and the discovery that what has been invested against what actually exists, is now in the public domain. We’ve been had; fooled beyond imagination and it has been going on for centuries. Our society has literally been founded on rumour and innuendo and a financial culture has emerged from it. We have to change our mindset and our aspirations must move towards supporting each other. Accept the changing world. 


Will your social and leisure life have to change?

People power will determine the outcome of society in the very near fut

The Establishment have realized for a long time that as long as we are entertained in some way, we will never reach the stage of questioning our society. Keep the masses happy and occupied and never create an opportunity where a curious mind can be spawned. Consequently, we have a media industry developed to provide every need which will ensure that our powers are always passed to those who control. 

Conventional newspapers, television, radio and general publications are covered and controlled by a handful of individuals who have their fingers in every important pie on this planet. The heads of private banks, large commercial institutions, the military—in fact any organization that you can think of which you know will gain from society as we know it—have it in their power to ensure that we are only exposed to what they choose in their desire to profit.  

If you are reading this, then it is more than likely you have the Internet. It is vital that we maintain our right to use this medium and maintain the electrical power to drive it. This is your window to a world which is not yet in the hands of the Establishment. They are doing their utmost to ensure that what we learn here also comes via their controlling influences. That must never happen, because this is a communicative device which can help change the world and our attitude towards it. Without a doubt, communication is a vital component in helping to bring the changing world into our focus.


“Moves to enforce Internet censorship”


Let me give you an example of why the Internet is in danger of being smothered, by quoting some material from the Nexus magazine, a bi-monthly issue which, in my opinion, should be read by every adult who is of sound mind. This publication covers every aspect of life that is not covered by your conventional media. More importantly, it reveals what is happening behind closed doors and graphically demonstrates how the ordinary man and woman are being subjected to the most obscene scrutiny. This is information that your local or national newspaper, the TV and the radio will never disclose. All information that comes from this type of media is to all intents and purposes—disinformation. Here is a passage from a recent Nexus’ Global News column: 

“The Australian government is set to impose Chinese-style Internet censorship by enforcing a universal national filter that will block websites deemed “controversial” as part of a wider agenda to regulate the Internet, according to free speech advocates.

A provision whereby Internet users could opt out of the filter by contacting their ISP has been stripped from the legislation, meaning the filter will be universal and mandatory. The System Administrators Guild of Australia and Electronic Frontiers Australia have attacked the proposal, saying it will restrict web access, raise prices and slow Internet traffic speeds. The plan was originally created as a way to combat child pornography and adult content, but could be extended to include almost any *“controversial” websites.

The Australian government will no doubt insist that its filter is in the best interests and is only designed to block child pornography, snuff films and other horrors, yet the system is completely pointless because it will not affect file-sharing networks—the medium through which the vast majority of such material is distributed.”
*(It could probably include the website from where I’m posting this article – Mike O).

It goes on to mention how the US and European governments are planning to follow suit and soon, you will have found your right to express yourself on the Internet completely controlled. If you would like to find out more about this, then please look up Nexus Magazine and they will be more than happy to sign you up.


How important is it that information is still available

in book form?


I have recently completed co-authoring a novel. My writing partner and I have always been of the opinion that we must maintain complete control over our creation. As a result of this we have self-published, or dare I say, we are using the services of a vanity publisher. As long as we have a finished product, manufactured to the standard that we demand, the rest is up to us. We will market the story and its message and do our best to bring it to as wide a readership as possible. Regardless, we will not have the controlling media to dictate to us and rob us of our power to enlighten the populace about our changing world. All the major publishing houses are in the hands of individuals who support the Establishment and its doctrines.

On this basis, how your social life changes and how you find entertainment could be down to you in future. The powers-that-be have been dealt a major blow. Right now they are down, but they are still not out. They are determined to use the infrastructure that they have in place to browbeat you with news and information that only they wish you to hear; another reason for you to subscribe to the Nexus magazine (No, I’m not on commission, by the way lol).

However, at the moment, you have the Internet and the power within you to use it to the maximum. You also have the choice to purchase books that have been written with the intention of feeding you with truth. There are more books being published over the Internet or self published than ever before.

Needless to say, somewhere down the line Mankind has taken a wrong turn. There is a book which can offer a perfectly valid explanation about our lives and where we are heading. “Revelation: Joseph’s Message” is one of a trilogy of books whereby ‘channelled’ information has reached us interdimensionally through Michael George Reccia, a trusted medium and clairvoyant. The next book in line is “Illumination: Joseph’s Vision”. These books help us to understand better this changing world and to discover who and what we really are. Take some time out and read books like this. It won’t take long before you start questioning society and how your life has been under the control of influences that we have created. We can change all of this by accepting our changing world and taking responsibility for ourselves. Use the power that has been vested within you and exercise your right to realize the lies that have been fed to you for so long. It’s not too late.

My co-written novel, The Meadow carries a very important message. Although fiction, it is based on a backdrop from real life experience. It is about undying love and I mean that literally. The story and the characters within convey something very special about life and the way we live it. More importantly it emphasizes how everything that exists—without exception—is connected. If we allow this book to fall into the hands of the publishers, it will be torn to shreds and re-edited so that it suits and fits the mechanism that has controlled us for so long. We expect our book to be controversial and be denounced by certain sections of society; in particular the clergy, political and commercial powers that do not wish to see the public being shown how to move away from the creed and dogma that has led these organizations to profit out of our ignorance. They don’t want you to know that you live in a changing world.


What has happened to that rainy day?


If you are fortunate enough to have been a saver as well as a spender, you now face a new challenge. Earlier I mentioned that the exchange mechanism used for goods and services must change. Interest was the vital component in guaranteeing that your invested capital would grow year in, year out. Now that the cat is out of the bag, there is no longer confidence in the banking or investment and insurance institutions. Greedy and unscrupulous individuals who represent these organizations have been using your well-earned money to gamble away trillions of dollars on some scheme that apparently had no sound foundation. Not only are your investments at risk but also your pensions and personal savings.

We are now at a crossroads, which is sign-posted “Catch 22” in all directions. However you look at this situation, there is no easy way out. I don’t want to use this posting as a means of turning it into a political agenda. There will always be someone who is clever enough to turn this to their advantage and devalue this message. If you study our present turmoil and consider the options, then perhaps this is the time for you to take a close look at yourself and your immediate environment. It was foretold that we would witness big changes from 2012 onwards. The wheels are already in motion and it is down to us to create a favourable outcome onwards and upwards before a changing world is fully realised.


.My predictions

We are in for a very bumpy ride over the next few years. Either we face up to them or perish. The dollar has seen its day. Whether another currency becomes dominant is anyone’s guess. It’s my hope that no one nation gets the upper hand and allows the status quo to remain. I doubt it, because we are changing in our mindsets and asking more and more questions. We have always asked questions. Unfortunately they were always asked behind closed doors. Now it’s time to give your voice openly to a changing world.

The doors to secrecy will slowly be broken down. One which is about to surface is the scandal regarding fluoride. Once the information regarding this, and how it has been used to control our health, is out then there are going to be a lot of very angry people including you and me. Then there is the subject of nano particles being introduced into the food chain in order to control us. To encapsulate all that has gone before, suffice to say that our right to express has been stifled. That is going to change because a changing world will see to it.

This is the moment—you must decide what your future holds. I could go on for ever disclosing, predicting or debating situations that are going to affect all of our lives from now on. Enough said. Personal responsibility is the answer to many of our problems and not political debate.

What do you say? Your comments are welcome.

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  1. gill says:

    i say, firstly ty for this opportunity to blogg, not that i do blogging, but its now a necessity, if you mike look on my fb profile you will see how i ve tried, am trying to educate ppl, who for some reasons choose to ignore me, shortly we will no longer have internet, electricity, gas, any normal amenities, then illuminati have their way, their plan, amendment 21 for example, is soo bloody scary its unreal, and 1st off watch for the “alien attack” at london olympics, what a joke, and the 200,000 coffins ready i could go on….. sorry i m passionate and have reasearched and mean every word i say x

    • Mike O'Hare says:

      Like I said before, Gillian it will happen when there is a coming together of like minds. People power is what it will take and you are already contributing to that end. Never give up on trying to help people awake from their slumber. Thanks for reading.

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