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This is a video which brings to life the mystery that lies behind  a great love story — A legend for The Meadow.


Here’s how one avid reader expressed her appreciation regarding a legend for The Meadow

Dear Mike and Elfreda,

I loved The Meadow and I have no doubt in my mind that it will be a great success and all who read it will be forever changed. You may have found a way to “awaken the masses”. You are not only a wonderful writer but a Master Teacher. You explained to me concepts that I have been struggling to fully comprehend. The lessons you incorporated in the story will not affect those who are not ready for the awakening, they will just enjoy the story, but the thousands and thousands who are almost there will not be able to read this story without being forever changed and at the very least gain a thirst to know more. I am truly inspired to be more, more than I was in each of my past lives. To embrace my lessons and become more than I was. The Meadow Truly is a wonderful touching novel. From an entertainment standpoint it has all the romance and excitement, adventure and intrigue anyone could want in an entertaining story. It was my pleasure to read this book. I spent many hours traveling through time and visiting interesting lands with you as I read. It was at times hard to put down as I fell in love with the characters in the story I had a hard time leaving them to their next adventure. The story line grabs you from the first page and wraps you up in an intriguing web that is truly spellbinding. I have been enjoying books since I was 6 years old and learned to read. I can truthfully say I have never read a book that was written like The Meadow. You managed to put it together in a way I have never before encountered. The way you introduce the story and move on to all the different lives our heroes experience is wonderful. Then just when it is least expected the story burst out into the real adventure, It really took me by surprise, as if the first 83 pages we not exciting and compelling enough suddenly we are thrown into a adventure of epic importance! That was when it really got hard to put down. I must admit wholeheartedly the third surprise at the end was by far my favorite part of the whole book. And surprise is exactly what it was. As if I had not just finished a heart stopping adventure, I thought I was done with the story and sadly it was over… I turned the page completely expecting a authors note on the whole story… Wow! What a surprise I had. I would recommend this book for the last chapter if nothing else! You really did do a wonderful job in creating The Meadow. I am excitedly looking forward to the sequel…hint hint…. Thank you again for sharing a great love story with me — and a legend for The Meadow.
Brenda Watts


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