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Assuming that your mindset is one that is open to all possibilities, how would you feel if you could look into a crystal ball and see beyond the life that you are now living? Share with me and join in a travel extravaganza which takes us beyond the physical world. To begin with, let me emphasize that this is not an invitation to talk about a belief system that is held steadfast within your religious ideals. No, this is meant to help stimulate your mind and take you beyond your present mode of thought.

If present-day discoveries through free-thinking science are anything to go on, then we are in for a treat. Quantum mechanics and particle physics are showing us something that we could never have dreamed only ten or fifteen years ago. Earlier, I asked about your mindset. Do you have any idea how detached, physically, you are from your mind and can you possibly imagine how your whole body functions as your brain receives its programming from another dimension?

It’s true! There are other dimensions. Actually they are sitting exactly where we are now – right under our noses. Apparently, everything happens simultaneously and in one spot. The physical world is only an illusion to give the impression, through polarities, that there is time and distance between two points. We are as near to each other as we can possibly be with less than the thickness of a molecule between us.

This could very well mean that our minds operate out of the time and space continuum, in a dimension which allows it to carry on after we have finished with our physical bodies. Did you notice how I didn’t point out the obvious and use the ‘D’ word? It’s all down to vibration and frequencies. When the TV is turned on, who ever questions about how the pictures and sound reaches us? We should, and the answers we would get are that they are frequencies that do not operate in a physical world.

The same principle applies to your thoughts. It has been scientifically proved that a thought is a tangible, living thing that has its own electrical charge and is transmitted via other dimensions that surround us. Twilight Zone stuff huh? Well don’t ask me, I’m only the messenger bringing proof of what is already documented. On this basis, there is every possibility that we really do live on beyond the physical world and it was this impression that was the inspiration behind my co-writing The Meadow. It’s a marvellous, wonderful world out there and we should familiarise ourselves with it in a way that makes us totally interactive.

If we do live on, there is every possibility that we also come back again to live another life. Okay, so I’m now well into that non-earthly zone, talking about the possibility of reincarnation, but I have every confidence that there is more to life than we could ever imagine.

Perhaps we have unfinished business in this life and the only way to reconcile and fix it is to come back after learning all there is to know in getting it right next time. I have a theory, a personal one albeit and it is this: I believe that I will come back again because I have such an attachment to the material world. I get a buzz out of so many activities which are totally physical. This indicates to me that matters are not yet out of my system and I have to remove all this extra weight before I can move on. Conversely, I’m hoping that reincarnation is down to choice rather than destiny.

Regardless, I got a buzz out of writing this piece. Maybe it’s because of all the invisible energy which is surrounding me and willing me to share this with you. I hope you feel the same way.


Did I manage to arouse your curiosity? Are you in a position to look beyond what you consider to be a normal physical life? Could reincarnation fit into your belief system? If you would like to learn more about this from the scientific perspective then no one can do this better than my molecular biologist friend, William Brown. 

At first sight it would appear that life after death or even the topic of reincarnation would be beyond the scope of a scientific discussion, and in classical scientific models of understanding that is indeed the case.  However, as alluded to by Mike in the above discussion, the cutting edge of science is entering this ethereal realm once restricted to philosophical or mystical perspectives, and many of these philosophical ruminations and metaphysical perspectives are getting re-described with mathematical and scientific terminology.


Serious scientific research is actively involved in investigating the reality of dimensions beyond the 4 described by General Relativity, of multiple universes created from a quantum foam, and even information stored in the very fabric of space-time itself.  Numerous empirical observations are driving this research as scientists find that 98% of the Universe is not directly detectable, what is referred to as “dark energy” – an unseen plenum that seems to permeate even the smallest space but orchestrates whole galaxies into a quantum coherent system where billions of stars move together in a galactic symphony of harmony.

Could it be that there is much more to the Universe than what we directly perceive with our physical senses?  Could the Universe be layered in multiple dimensions?  The mathematics seems to indicate this is so.  When the potential energy of a space the size of a proton is calculated it has a mass that is equivalent to the whole Universe – imagine the depth of reality that exists in the room you occupy now!  But it is not just the ultra-small and the ultra-large where these anomalies are observed that are pointing us in the direction of an unseen world that seems to be “pulling the strings” here in physical reality.  There is an intermediate level between the macroscopic and the microscopic that is rich with similar types of scientific “anomalies”, and that is the level that you occupy – the human being.


Just as the cutting edge of science in Quantum Mechanics and Particle Physics is revealing other levels of reality that are orchestrating much of the activity in physical reality, so too is biology discovering higher levels of order that direct and shape biological processes.

What kinds of biological processes?  Take your thoughts as an example.  The phenomenon of consciousness has been a very mysterious aspect of the human being – because scientists within the classical model have been attempting to understand it from a purely physical point of view.  Yet new models are emerging that describe how the physical activity of the brain can “tune” into nonlocal fields of information from which our thoughts are formed and derived – a Morphic field that exists at another level of reality and yet drives the information capabilities of not only the brain, but our genes as well.


If our brain and our genes are tuning into and storing information within the fabric of spacetime itself, where that information exists beyond the seemingly relentless change of the physical world, then there is an aspect of our consciousness that exists outside of the body, and it can re-enter through genes that are passed down through an unbroken lineage of progeny.  These are the same genes that once shaped your ancestors brain – do you think they may have shaped yours similarly?  Perhaps that ancestor possessed the same consciousness that you do through the Morphic Field – and you have come back to fulfil some unfinished business.

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